3 Best Android Games Currently Available

Hi! Are you getting bored with typical games and want some entertainment in your life, then don’t worry, we are here to sort out your problem by offering you the best android games

Playing games on mobile has become a trend nowadays, either there is a child or an adult, everyone likes to play games in his free time. Nowadays, everyone has a mobile, so it becomes too easy for us to play games in our homes without any sports environment. Android games are a great source of boredom busters. 

There is a wide variety of games according to your taste, which you can easily download and play on your android. A few years back, there were mobiles which contained only a few installed games. But now evolution takes place, and android mobiles have replaced the older ones. We can play every sort of play on android. They have now become a source of amusement for us.

Best Android Games

There are various games in them like action, puzzle, racing, boxing, dressing up, etc. 

As we know, some people are so conscious, especially for their children, about the game’s type and content. They supervise their children, but it doesn’t seem very easy for most of the time to direct them. So, we solve this query by introducing you to the best games for android with their pros and cons. Both youngsters and adults will love them. It will assist you in showing signs of improvement though concerning its highlights and determinations. These games will also be one of the best games in 2021. So, let’s take a glimpse of them.

Pubg Mobile Lite Best Android Games 


So, here comes at first the Pubg Mobile Lite, which is one of the top three android games. PUBG MOBILE LITE is a variant of the fruitful PUBG Mobile made particularly for lower-center range Android cell phones. It is a great game that figures out how to move all the energy of PUBG Mobile to bring down the range of cell phones with less memory. It is an excellent combo of action and adventure, such as the best android game ever.

We’re discussing a game that offers you energizing fights that you can take on alone or with companions, whenever and wherever. The smoothed out game requires just 600 MB of free space and 1 GB of RAM to run with no issue. Sixty players can drop onto a 2km x 2km island wealthy during assets and duke it out for persistence in an exceedingly contracting fight zone. You can quest for weapons, vehicles, and supplies to help you in the fight. It is last updated on Sep 9, 2020, and one of the best games on google play. You can download it freely on your android. So, get ready to land and battle to be the last one standing!


It comprises of some exceptional features which rank it in one of the best video games of 2021. Its features  below: 

  • Field Mode:

Field mode incorporates vault work, sliding capacity, and an explosive marker. The P90 is elite to Field mode.

  • Graphics and Audio

It has superior quality sound and 3D audio effects that carry you into the game’s fascinating world. The Unreal Engine 4 makes this game down to earth and clear intelligence on a broad HD map.

  • Collaborate With Companions 

One of its best features that make it at the top of the best android games is that it contains nearby group up, room cards, and family modes, making it more straightforward to continue playing with your companions whenever and wherever.

  • Reasonable Gaming Condition 

It guarantees you against a progressed cheat framework so that you can appreciate a good gaming experience.

  • Update Version:

The update brings a repaired style of the Northwest side of the Varenga map. There are new wrecks within the guide that has eventually advanced toward the sport after two or three Easter eggs.

Sluggish streetcars have likewise added to guide you to move to start with one area then onto the next. This component keeps it in one of the best mobile games.

  • Solidarity:

You can also welcome companions to play together utilizing voice talk. Resuscitate your partners in the warmth of fight and battle for your faction’s strength.

Pros and Cons of Pubg Mobile Lite:


  • You can also play online with unknown people.
  • It increases your power of attention.


  • It influences emotional well-being and makes you violent.
  • It also distracts you from studies by wasting a lot of time on screen.

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2) Minecraft


Minecraft is one of the best android games ever. It could be a “block game” where players move around an area and accumulate blocks utilizing a mining portrayal. This game is actually for children. It gives your young adult a noteworthy stage to analyze different qualities. Minecraft to be a unique instructive game among its standard family. When Minecraft first dispatched, its players have gotten perhaps the best asset regarding teaching and engaging clients. There was no guidance manual included when Minecraft first posted, and players utilized experimentation to make sense of the game all alone. Therefore, the web is filled with a shared conviction for Minecrafters to share their examples of overcoming adversity. It is in the list of best video games of 2021.


Now we will discuss some aspects of the game. The game world comprises unsavory 3D objects, basically solid shapes, liquids, and everyone around called “blocks” tending to different materials, such as earth, stone, metals, tree trunks, and water magma. Within instinct, pivots are getting and putting this stuff. These squares are orchestrated in an exceedingly 3D framework, while players can move uninhibitedly around the globe. Players can “mine” squares and, from that time, place them someplace else, empowering them to form things. The world isolates into many biomes like deserts, disrupted regions, and snowfields. The in-game time structure follows a daily and night cycle, and one full process endures through 20 steady minutes. The game has consisted of five modes: Creative, Survival, Adventure, Spectator, and Hardcore. 

Minecraft has two elective assessments aside from the overworld (the primary world): the Nether and the End. The Nether may be a condemnation like assessment ought to by strategies for player-created sections while the top is an unbeneficial land containing different islands.


Its unique features are below:

  • Graphics:

It has clean and super quality 3D graphics, which makes it too natural.

  • Sound Framework:

The game contains a high volume with high frequency.

  • Biomes:

Large biomes are generated to make it different from other biomes.

  • Spectator Mode:

A game mode permits players to fly around and watch the world without cooperating with it in any capacity.

  •  Lightening:

Smooth Lighting has three settings: minimum, maximum, or off, and might be changed by accessing Video options from the choices menu.

Pros and Cons of Minecraft


  • Messing around like Minecraft can make you more intelligent, as per another investigation. It happens because computer games assist youths with growing extraordinary relational abilities and mental flexibility, the analysts guarantee. 
  • It urges the children to be inventive and curious. They can investigate, assemble, and find inside the world that they plan and control.
  • It is the place that uncommon focus energizes.
  • It trains about advancement and learning, just a complete informational contraption.


  • It becomes dangerous for your child as he gets addicted to it.
  • Minecraft can open the children to inappropriate substance and progress of social subjects.
  • Your child will adopt lousy behavior in the form of bullying.  

Recommended Best Paid Android Games

Asphalt 9: (2.46a)


Asphalt 9 is the best video game of all time. It is the best car racing game which we recommend to you all. Several changes take place in the updated version so that you guys can experience it fully. A tremendous assortment of vehicles is accessible for you. You can pick the car whether you like to utilize the new vehicle editorial manager to characterize your vehicle’s specific shading and materials. Likewise, you can also choose the shade of the edges. So, hit the most optimized plan of attack to turn into a Legend of the Track. There are four modes of this game: Classic, Time attack, Hunted, Slipstream. 

Dark top 9 features over 50 vehicles for you to open, upgrade and expend flexible with; any way to open or update cards requires vehicle diagrams. Diagrams can be connected to you as an honor for ruling express races in employment mode or found in card packs from the shop. It is probably the best android game. Remembering that, this is one of those permitted to-play where your genuine development through the game has less to do with your capacity at playing the game and more with subjectively assembling the right cards to progress. The unique features of this game will surely keep it in the best android games of 2021.

So, now let’s talk about its features. 


  • Extreme RACING CONTROL :

Ace the imaginative TOUCH DRIVE, another control plot that smoothes out directing to let players center around hustling fun. You can likewise change to manual controls (tilt or tap to run) and determine how to drive sort of a genius Asphalt racer.

  • Collaboration:

Without precedent for the Asphalt arrangement, you’ll make your locale of comparable racers with the Club. You will be able to collaborate with your club individuals.

  • Become An Icon:

You can start your excursion in Career mode by finishing more than 60 seasons and 800 races. It will be easy for you to become a genuine Asphalt legend by hustling against up to 8 parts progressively through the World Series Multiplayer mode’s various alliances.

  • Play With Others:

There are a few different ways to interface with different parts of the game. All the best android games have this specialty. You can race against different elements in the devoted multiplayer mode or contend with others’ daily leaderboard difficulties. You can likewise collaborate with companions and work together to open prizes in Club mode. 

From our experience playing on the web races, doubtlessly, most players are open to staying with the TouchDrive controls, so you need to remain serious your best off keeping it in the default control conspire. In case you’re a solitary wolf racer searching for a club, you can look “Android Central” and join the club.

Pros and Cons of Asphalt 9: (2.46a)


  • You can move away from the threat.
  • Don’t need to deal with control. 
  • The semi-natural plan takes into consideration a more straightforward play.


  • You will not be able to play offline when playing with others.
  • One odd pathway is customized ineffectively.


As we discussed the top 3 best android games with their pros and cons, it is sum up that android games are the best platform that has become a source of pleasure for us. Android mobiles are a boon and a bane as well. It’s upon us how we use them. There are positive and negative aspects of everything, but we have to adapt to the positive aspects by cop up with the negative ones.

You can spend quality time with your child by playing these games with him. Moreover, you will learn a lot of essential life skills from this platform. It will help your child to spend its leisure time productively. We have provided you the complete data of these best android games. All are free, and you will easily download them in your android. We assure you that these games will polish your skills and you will experience new fun in your life.

So, why are you waiting? So, download these best android games and experience some adventure in your life. Hurry up!


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