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 Best Adventure Games For Android Offline- 10 Games

Are you looking for some best adventure games for android offline? In the digital world of today, multiple factors are causing stress in the generation day by day. So, games are playing an essential role in the fun of kids & teens to alleviate.

Additionally, we all have an android phone, but most of us don’t have money to buy an internet connection.

Students do not have much pocket money to buy an internet bundle for their games. In that case, they have to find offline games that need no internet connection. The adventurous games are not quite hard to find in the offline genre.

Quest of the Best Adventure Games for Android Offline:

Many game enthusiasts are in search of the best adventure games for android offline. Mainly, adventurous games have more edge to create puzzles in multiple tasks that could be enormous and cerebral things for lovers.

The adventure games are all about details, like if you’ve to take one object and use it with other items, in a peculiar place, at a weird time. Or you may have to write a hilarious dialogue line for that; even if it didn’t solve the puzzle, the game would appreciate you by giving you prizes.

Are you in search of those games which will play in an offline mood? Halt here!

I’ve decided to make a list of some best adventure games for android. Without wastage of time, let’s go further ahead to find for your best match.

Death city: a zombie invasion- Best Adventure for Android Offline

Death city: a zombie invasion- Best Adventure for Android Offline

Death city is one of the best adventure games. Charm tech developed and released this adventurous game in 2018.

Along with death city, the scenario of this game includes a virus breakout in p-city. Death city has excellent worth in the gaming world.

This virus could be dangerous for the life of citizens. So, you have to save the city of the game and the people in it as well.

  • You have to pull up your gun and fight with demons. Despite this, you have to face terrifying challenges.
  • You have to play this game as the character of a superhero. Moreover, you can play along with companions struggling to survive from dangerous work.
  • Besides, you have to strengthen yourself by upgrading power, changing weapons & passing the different levels.
  • Furthermore, keep in mind to change the weapon in every next battlefield.

Besides, you try to kill every drop of the virus until the whole city wipes out from it.

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Swordigo- Best Action Game for Android Offline

Swordigo- Best Action Game for Android Offline

Swordigo is one of the best adventure games for android offline. Touch-foo has developed this game and released it back in 2012.

It has attractive features like 3d graphics, beautiful characters, and robust controls in it. Importantly, sword go is considered to be the best offline adventure game.

  • It includes all mysteries and towns as well. First, you have to select a character; then, you can jump from the terrifying obstacles, kill your enemies, and past the different rounds.
  • You can upgrade your level & gain experience in it.
  • Furthermore, you have to find new weapons and spells to defeat your enemies.
  • Besides, it has been optimized for smartphones & tablets as well.
  • You can find powerful swords from caves to pass from dangerous ways.
  • To level up, increase your power spells for your survival.
  • Indeed, it is full of an epic-adventure & 3d platformer game. It gives you much fun and happiness.

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Red Bull Air Race 2- Best Air Game for Android Offline

Red Bull Air Race 2- Best Air Game for Android Offline

Are you enthusiastic about playing with the airplane from your childhood & now in search of an airplane game?

  • Red bull air race 2 is a free-airplane game. It gives you more fun with numerous features and races as well. Slightly mad studios have developed this fantastic game and released it in 2009.
  • Furthermore, you can make your incredible career with a selection of the best player.
  • Red bull air race 2 has a unique attachment to fantastic graphics, air roués, and many ethnicities.
  • Fortunately, it is an offline racing game where you can play with planes on numerous routes. That’s why it has fallen into the category of best adventure games for android offline.

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Crossy Road

Crossy Road

As the name suggests, Crossy Road is a non-stop arcade game. It includes multiple features that have won the hearts of game enthusiasts. Hesper-whale has developed this game and released it in 2014.

It is indeed the most popular game and best adventurous game for android offline ever, which has made a record with more than 10 million game lovers worldwide.

  • In particular, logs trains and other creatures to collect many coins by passing through traffic.
  • Moreover, you have to go ahead, bypassing hurdles to change into the next round.
  • Besides, you have to make sure to stand for as long as possible.

Till now, it is a free offline adventure game that android/IOS users can play.

Evoland- Best Adventure Game for Android Offline

Evoland- Best Adventure Game for Android Offline

Evoland is a 3d animated game that has fantastic classical features like Pixelated graphics, in-depth controls & many more.

Shiro Games developed the game and released it in 2013.

  • Unfortunately, Evoland is available in a single-player version. So, you can’t play it with your dear friends.
  • First, you’ve to choose a character, and then the character moves in 3d world made of forests, villages & cravens. Characters have to collect the coins to purchase additional items & for up-gradation.
  • Besides, you have to collect the hidden star & cards from the scattering world.
  • Moreover, this game does not include any ads in the playing mood, which is the best thing for a gamer.
  • The scenario of this game contains different tasks where you can play with action and adventure mood.
  • In particular, it has a combo where you can select a character to pass different adventurous tasks.
  • Moreover, you can combat your offended demons for survival.
  • By playing this game, you can make different hunt tasks in it.

Fortunately, it is available offline. And IOS/android & Linux users can play this best adventurous game for android offline.

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Nobleman: 1896- Most Favourite Game for Android Offline

Nobleman: 1896- Most Favourite Game for Android Offline

Are you an army lover? You are always fond of those games which are related to the army genre.

Noblemen1896 is the best one for the lovers of action and adventure games for android offline. It is mainly for those gamers who want a combo adventure and army.

In 1896, forsaken-media developed this game and released in 2017. So, it is the latest released game and suits best to gamers of the current decade.

It is an action-strategy game that makes you combat on the battlefield and kill your enemies.

  • Noblemen 1896 has a unique alternate reality. It gives a view about the wars in back 1896, where army soldiers had to fight with enemies to survive land.
  • It includes soldiers’ cannons, tanks, and many features as well.
  • Besides, you have to fight with your guns in the army. Mainly, you have to plan for it.
  • Besides, fight vigorously, along with other soldiers, win the battles for achieving additional powers in it.
  • Noblemen 1896 is the best game in the racing genre. Stunning racing graphics compels the game lover to play it.
  • Hence, it has stunning features like incredible graphics, powerful weapons, great equipment & the best army.
  • Gatling guns, cavalry forts, airships can aid effectively in your intense shooter combat.
  • Afterward, you have to kill your demons & collect the powerful cards to bit a change in battle.

Furthermore, Android/IOS users can play this game easily. Plenty of challenges give you more adventure and fun.

Rush Rally 3

Rush Rally 3

Another best adventurous game for android offline is Rush rally 3. Brown monster limited developed and released it in 2019. It is a realistic strategy game for mobile users.

  • First, you can choose your best car. With that, you can conduct racing tasks in the day & night mood. You can also make your journey best in different textured areas like dirt or grave.
  • Furthermore, you can achieve your victories with the rushy drive. Rush rally 3 gives you more real racing skills.
  • You can play this adventurous game easily, whether online or offline.
  • Moreover, this game has different features like consistent and optimized controls, beautiful graphics, and 3d cars. So, you can make your racing- skills quickly.
  • According to your preference, you can upgrade your game, car, and customization as well.
  • You can play it alone and with your friends as well.

Grand Mountain- Best Adventure Game for Android Offline

Grand Mountain- Best Adventure Game for Android Offline

Grand Mountain is one best thrilling game ever on my list. The playground of this game includes a search of different areas and elements with powerful racing. It was also a newly released game in 2019.

Toppluva AB has released it. From my point of view, it is one of the best offline android games in 2021.

  • The game consists of an open world where you can find and conquer different areas.
  • Along with that, it has different tricky and hilly areas where you can pass out your cars and search for essential items.
  • So, you have to complete your challenges like big air, ski cross, and many more.
  • Furthermore, it has multiple stunning features like dynamic controller support, amazing graphics & beautiful characters.
  • You have to keep in mind about sloppy areas.
  • Thus, it is a time beat scenario where you have to beat your opponent before times up!
  • This game has been designed particularly with premium graphics, a classic interface, in-depth controls, and many more.

You have to be careful about bears, wolves, falling trees, and other hazards in this game.

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Ocean Horn

Ocean Horn

Ocean horn is one of the best games in puzzle solving. It has quite a different scenario where you have to explore the islands bypassing the difficulties.

Cornflox developed this game back in 2013.

  • It has 3d graphics, accurate touch controls with legendary music.
  • You can explore uncharted seas by killing monsters.
  • Moreover, use your all powers & mysteries to pass out different secrets & puzzles as well.
  • Furthermore, you have to pass out from uncharted seas to find out the secrets. In the ocean horn, you can learn some essential techniques.
  • You have to fight with monsters and learn magic techniques that can help in your quest. Mainly, it gives you more power over your mental health by solving secrets and puzzles.

Furthermore, the main noticeable point is, you have to need 1 GB ram to play it on your computer.

Bomb Strike

Bomb Strike

The bomb strike is a beautiful action strike game. It gives you more adventure with a fantastic storyline.

Nintendo developed an arcade strategy game and released it in 2009. A bomb strike is a free offline action game.

  • Furthermore, Clear graphics, with cheerful music and dynamic controls, hit the hearts of game-lovers.
  • It is a free action game, and in it, you’ve to fight with the army for a loyal king for the sake of a kingdom.
  • Although, you have to save your kingdom from them to combat. Get a hard strike to kill opponents and conquer your kingdom.


I’ve compiled quality content about some best adventurous game for android offline.

 The experience of creating my adventure games was, other than marrying my husband and bringing into the world my two sons, the most fulfilling, wonderful experience I ever had.-Roberta Williams.

As far as my opinion is, bombs strike & death city are the best adventure games for android offline.

If you’ve found your best game from here, then don’t forget about leaving your special message for me. So, make your days more delightful and adventurous by playing games.

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