Best Android Puzzle Games- Top 10 Puzzle Games

Puzzle games are considered quite exciting and challenging in the gaming world. Because you can get goofy ideas, and then you solve the puzzles in these games. Moreover, these games give you much enjoyment and fun. Thus, android users can easily select their best android puzzle games to play in leisure time.

Games are quite notorious as wastage of time and destruction of physical and mental health. But some games can also sharpen our minds and skills. Gamers have efficient responsibility as compared to ordinary people whose reasons are dull with monotonous learning.

Are you looking for some best Android Puzzle Games?

The puzzle games usually have incredible features that capture their users’ hearts like vibrant mechanics, complex apps, 3d animated graphics, and creative stories.

These games have got much fame and appreciation with time. The puzzle game is an immensely popular and reliable way to test your memory. Also, you can sharpen your memory by solving interesting tricks in these games.

If you are wandering here to find those games, which will give adventures, tricky tasks & fill your spare time, then halt here!

You’ve reached the right spot. I’ve gathered the top ten best android puzzle games, which you can play on your android. So, let’s find your tricky-one android game from here!

Pros and cons of best android puzzle games

 Enhance your skills

With puzzle games, you can get much knowledge and skills. Besides entertainment, joy, and fun, such games enhance your brain-memory, research level, problem-solving techniques, and concentration. One of the best things in these games, you can get the ability to think, interpret, and integrate.

Problem-solving skill

You require this skill in your whole life. Problem-solving is an art that you have to learn from games or any mentor. But games are playing a crucial role in teaching you such skills.

When you stick to the problem, then you may think that it’s enormous. How can it possible to resolve it quickly”? On the other hand, when you’ve focused on the solution to any problem. Then you find many ways to resolve any issue quickly.

The scenario of games gives you a lot of adventure and fun with crucial life-skills as well. Be patient and enjoy yourself by playing these games.

Sharp your memory

It’s a beneficial factor. Puzzles can sharp your brain-memory and keep your memory active. That’s it enhances your sub-conscious mind progress.


Wastage of time

No doubt, puzzle games have many benefits, with some drawbacks as well. Time wastage is a crucial factor. Puzzle games take much time for their multi-tasking challenges, which create more curiosity in their game lovers. When game users pass-out at any level, they want to play the next more exciting challenges in such games.

Especially, puzzle games require enough time to solve it correctly because puzzle games are a piece of information, exciting & adventure.

Become fat

Smart-phones & gadgets consume your much time whether you play games or watch movies or do something else. Puzzles video games would lead to becoming a chunky person. Obsession is also a sickness. So, keep it balance with your video-games and physical games a well.

Anxiety and tiredness

Anxiety and tiredness come from long-term usage of gadgets and smart-phones. Video games consume enough time when you start to play these puzzle games.

1.     Life is strange, and life is strange before the storm.

Life is strange, and life is strange before the storm

Life is a popular adventure drama game where a high school girl with mind-blowing powers. William-Beacham has designed this mighty game and released it back in 2017. It is one of the best android puzzle games.

  • You may have to rewind multiple until you get wishful results. This entertaining-drama game has super graphics, in-depth mechanics, delightful music, and much more exciting features.
  • Moreover, It has a fantastic storyline where you have to choose a girl.
  • With its storyline, it is pretty much right to consider it a dramatic overview.
  • It has launched its multiple upgrades for its users. Furthermore, its updated version is not as worthy and exciting as previous ones.

Life is strange could be considered in the classical sense, but the game’s foremost thing contains puzzle glimpse also available there.

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2.     Mini Metro- Best Android Puzzle Game

Mini Metro- Best Android Puzzle Game

Mini Metro is one of those popular games, which have achieved awards for their features and strategies. Dinosaur polo club and its association have designed this adventurous game and released it back in 2014. Along with bridge-constructor, it is known as the best puzzle apps for android.

  • It is an aesthetic game that has aesthetic sound, vibrant-graphics, responsive mechanics, and in-depth controls. Probably, you’ll fall in love with these beautiful features.
  • With its storyline, you’ve to join the subways lines and make a station that expands your area.
  • You have to wait for passengers, and you have to run-out the train along with them promptly.

It is a stunning game. It gives you much adventure and fun while you sit in the Metro of the game.

3.     Threes- Best Android Puzzle Game

Threes- Best Android Puzzle Game

Threes is one of the fantastic and unbeatable games. It has multiple stunning and unique features as compared to other games.  Sirvo LLC has developed this spectacular game and released it back in 2014. Indeed, without any exaggeration, it is one of the best puzzle games for android users.

  • Moreover, its features include vibrant graphics, 3d animated characters, and fantastic sound to give players fun.
  • With its storyline, you’ve to solve multiple puzzles. It might be a possibility of a 4×4 grid, or even more extensive than it.
  • When you get closer to the upper levels, you’ve to solve more challenging puzzles.
  • This game will end when you move into different shapes. The more you play, the more you will reach closer to the end.
  • If it’s the first try, then it might be a possibility you may skip this game from the beginning.
  • But you have to play with patience, and it’s an exciting game.

It is a very vast and complicated game ever. This game has been mainly designed for IOS and android users. It is the best game for mobile users.

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4.     The eyes of the era

The eyes of the era

A newer released puzzle-game which gives you adventure. 100-stones interactive has developed this fantastic game and released it in back 2016.

  • In the eyes of the era, first, you have to choose your best players. Moreover, you can explore the world to find clues, hidden secrets and collect stories of different areas.
  • It has decent graphics, captivating characters, in-depth controls, and a unique story of different tasks.
  • Furthermore, when you pass the different challenges, you will achieve multiple rewards.
  • Then you will customize your characters and different places with the exchange of your coins.
  • This game has been designed in a dozen languages; you don’t need to worry about your native language issue.
  • The eyes of the era have been designed for android and IOS users. Both versions are available easily—a free and newest puzzle game for everyone.

5.     Candy crush saga

Candy crush saga

Candy crush saga is one of the most playing games in the whole world. It has complicated puzzles where you have to solve them within the mentioned-time. The king developed a candy crush saga and released it back in 2012.

  • Furthermore, it is an offline android game that takes different icons, jellies, hearts, and fruits until you match 3-pair.
  • It gives you an enduring prize when you pass-out from the complicated things in this puzzle game.
  • Moreover, Candy crush gives you excellent skills in decision making.

Thus, android and IOS users can play this free- game smoothly. It is known to be as best mobile puzzle game ever.

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6.     Bridge constructor- Best Android Puzzle Game

Bridge constructor- Best Android Puzzle Game

Bridge Constructor is one of the best games that want to study topics in the game genre. Then, the wishes of those people come true here.

Clock stone developed this exciting game and released it back in 2011. It is related to a physics-based puzzle, where you can make the bridge by putting different pieces of the bridge. Bridge constructor is also known as the best mobile puzzle games.

  • It’s an interesting, informational & adventurous game.
  • With its storyline, a gorgeous cross over which you’ve to make a bridge.
  • Besides, you have to collect all the elements like piers, slabs & chambers from laboratories.
  • In this game, you have to complete their different tasks, and you can achieve plenty of victories ahead.
  • Bridge Constructor is designed for IOS and android users. It is a free offline game.

It is a great and simple game where you can get great information and knowledge.

7.     Hocus- Best Tricky Game

Hocus- Best Tricky Game

Hocus is a complicated and unique game. Ms-esher has proud to develop this fantastic game and released it back in 2016. Hocus is a free puzzles games for android.

It relates to mind-based tricks where you have to solve these puzzles with your subconscious mind.

  • With its playback, you have to get a cube as soon as you can efficiently.
  • It is easy to play; you have to pass through multiple challenges of these puzzles. Then you have to move a cube into different shapes.
  • Hocus is also a glorious and exciting game that gives you adventure, fun, and many more things.

You can’t forget to add a game to your interesting games wishlist.

8.     Monument Valley 1 and 2

Monument Valley 1 and 2

Mountain Valley is one of the most popular games in the puzzle genre. It has been designed for IOS and android users as well. Moreover, Ustwo games developed and released it back in 2017.

  • It has fantastic graphics, esher-inspired mechanics, a superb soundtrack and twisted challenges, and many more features.
  • Monument Valley 1 and 2 are not difficult to play. Instead, it’s quite a bit longer, but not too much—plenty of adventurous tasks of this Game capture the users’attention.
  • This game has handful-controls which provide quality performance.

9.     The Room Series- Best Android Puzzle Game

The Room Series- Best Android Puzzle Game

The room series is one of the best challenging puzzles. Fireproof games developed it and released it back in 2013. Moreover, classic-graphics, excellent sound, and stunning-characters are remarkable and unique features of it.

  • With this latest one, it has a whole series, which is based on a movie.
  • If you have a little bit of interest in puzzle games, don’t forget to add it to your wishlist.
  • Furthermore, if you don’t want to tolerate the ads during playing games, it’s a good one for you. The room series can give you premium quality without any disturbances in the form of any ads. It’s completely devoid of ads.

The room series is designed for android and IOS users. It’s one of the particular puzzles games for android lovers.

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10.Unravel/unravel 2


Unravel/unravel two is pretty much famous. It’s quite a tricky one rather than Tetris or other puzzle games. Moreover, Cold-wood interactive developed this game and released it in back 2018. It is one of the best android puzzle games until 2021.

  • It has multiple features like 3d-animated characters, in-depth controls, and stunning graphics.
  • Furthermore, it’s going to be a lot of fun because it’s a combo of fighting and complicated puzzles.
  • You have to combat your demons. Then, you can pass the multiple tasks along with your tetromino shapes characters.
  • True lovers of puzzle games can pick this game without any hesitation.


In a nutshell, you have read the whole article. I hope so; you have chosen your best game from this site. Currently, great puzzle games have been released throughout the 2000s. When you become tired of your daily chores and escape from your surroundings, games are the best options to spend your time.

It also helps to enhance your brainpower. The more you play these puzzles, the more you will take an interest in it.

With the invention of smart-phones and gadgets, puzzle gamers are growing popular day-by-day in the digital world.

Finally, you’ll like to play these creative games to open your mind & give you imaginative-power. Live your life fully with zeal and zest by playing adventure games.

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