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Games like clash of clans- Top Ten Games

Clash of clans is one of the most unique games in history. Games play a vital role in our lives. It does not give us only fun, but also covers our spare time. You can never be bored while playing games. Moreover, clash of clan is a premium strategy game, which is based on kingdom building scenarios—a bunch of games our website has listed out here which has similar features of games like clash of clans.

The scenario of all below mentioned games is that; more you play;more you can conquer the palaces & defeat your enemies on an online platform.

Are you looking for unique games like clash of clans?

Are you looking for those games which can replace clash of clan worth? But plenty of games have fallen in that genre. With this thought in mind, you have reached the right site to find the best replacement of the game. Hence, you can choose the best replacement for clash of clans from here.

So, we have gathered a bucket of games for you; let’s get started.

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1.     Total wars -an action game like clash of clans

Total wars -an action game like clash of clans

Total war will allow you to defeat your opponent troops to build your kingdom.

The creative assembly created Total war and released it in March 2019.Therefore, this game has its particular significance and contribution in world of gaming.

  • Along with real wars, vibrant graphics without any lacks, in-depth controls, mechanical sound and many more features are present in it.
  • In particular, it has an exciting map which is divided into different zones. In additional, Total wars is based on real strategy tactics.
  • This siege battle game has featured into multiple tasks which led by the powerful arena, where you can combat with your neighbour opponents.
  • In this game, more you open the zones then more you chase victories.

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2.     Gods of Olympus-an adventurous game like clash of clans

Gods of Olympus-an adventurous game like clash of clans

Gods of Olympus is an excellent replacement for clash of clans in gaming world. Consequently, it is a strategically game. It was released in back 2015.

  • Gods of Olympus has proof of these unique features like 3D animated graphics,grip controls and exciting levels, which can give you a lot of fun.
  • Gods of Olympus command on gods between ancient Greek & fortified cities.
  • Furthermore, master your gods by increasing their devastating powers to combat in enemy defences.
  • You have to control cities and built beautiful empires.
  • With this mind, you can attack opponent enemies& troops to conquer their thrones.
  • In this game, the reward could deliver to gods for their boldness actions in multiple battlefields.
  • Create your epic empires to attain great unforgotten-able powers.
  • With the mind of its new up-gradation, you can attack demons with less loss of resources. Moreover, the new version allows you to keep you active & make your leisure time enjoyable.

It would be best if you play it as a replacement of clash of clans.

3.     Boom beach-a royal game like clash of clans

Boom beach-a royal game like clash of clans

Boom beach is one of the popular games; which has many exciting features. Supercell developed it back in Mar 2014. Especially; you can easily play this game in multiplayer mode. You can choose characters in games like clash of clans to combat your opponents to conquer their area.

  • With the storyline of this game, you can join a campaign from single player to attack other opponents in the map.
  • With the scenario of boom beach, it has four resources like wood, gold, iron &stone. Players can unlock these resources by upgrading their progress. Similarly, players of this game can also upgrade weapons, troops and headquarters.
  • With these resources, a diamond can be used to upgrade the time of building & increase the speed of training for military troops.
  • Furthermore, defeat your enemies, and then you can achieve a victory in the form of coin.
  • Upgrade your characters, weapons & many more stores and places by using these coins.
  • An exciting story of this game which offers combines action for enemies.

Altogether, you can choose it; boom beach has pretty much worth. Generally, it has earn great fame in the gaming world. Even so, you can go with it.

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4.     Clash of the lords-an innovative game like clash of clans

Clash of the lords-an innovative game like clash of clans

Clash of lords has many such features which entertain people. It was released in the back May 2014.

Clash of lords has many similarities of games like castle clash.

This game has earned a lot of appreciation and got many great reviews from the audience.

  • Clash lord aims to become a lord and master of the world. With that case, you have to ensure that your troops for survival take care of palaces. Subsequently, the vital factor is to train your troops for immediate action.
  • Likewise, the players of this game should have the ability to withstand an unexpected attack from the enemies.
  • Clash of the lord is an action game in which you can build a palace and defend it with your troops from your enemies.
  • In a clash of the lord, you have to create an army to conquer the territory around you. The foremost thing is to prepare a town and fulfill their resources when they need.

Clash of lords also taught about fighting wars with the aid of experienced players rather than alone.

5.     Jungle heat-an action game like clash of clans

Jungle heat-an action game like clash of clans

Jungle heat was based on an action movie. Despite, much of appreciation got from jungle heat. With this movie, made a game based on a jungle scenario and releasedin back Mar 2013 for action-loving players.

  • Firstly, it’s a combat strategy game. Wild arenas, vibrant graphics, mechanical sound & fierce battles have increased the users-love in the world.
  • A plenty of characters like boys and girls can carry heavy guns to look-after the base of the palace. Likewise, Jungle heat has many things are same in games like clash of clans
  • Nonetheless, the palace is full of gold. The story of the jungle game is an interesting one.
  • Jungle heat has multiple characters, and you have to play with your favourite one.
  • Secondly, you have to create your army and expand your military base. Then, defeat your enemies.
  • Admittedly, you have to develop a military base arena and defend it against your enemies by giving heavy guns to soldiers.

Jungle heat is also considered in best kingdom building games for android users. To conclude, you can go to jungle heat. Explore your hits with the wild arena.

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6.     Call of duty; heroes-an shooter-video game like clash of clans

Call of duty; heroes-an shooter-video game like clash of clans

Call of Duty is one of the most popular games in the shooting category. Face roll games have developed it and released it back in Nov 2014.

  • With the up-gradation of this game, it has launched its mobile strategy version now. It has plenty of features which make it popular.
  • In call of duty, players can destroy the bases of enemies.
  • In most cases, to build your bases and structures to defend their enemies.
  • Oil & gold has an essential importance in this game. In this case, to buy any weapon or upgrade your structure or military base. Even so, you can boost all this by giving oil and gold.
  • With the mindset of clash of clans, you can choose captivating characters to help you in battles.
  • Furthermore, you can attach to your opponent enemies to win their place.
  • Android and IOS can play this game easily.

This game has played a role as an intimidating beast. Similarly, call of duty is best replacement games like Clash of Clans for action lovers. In short, you can consider it as a good one to play.

7.     Brave conquest-a kingdom

Brave conquest-a kingdom

Brave conquest has much similar games like clash of clans. It has twisting tasks and fun-filled features.Clash of Clans related games is not quite hard to find in the action genre.

It was released in back 2019. Got games created this incredible game. In this unique action game, you have to control the kingdom and take care of it from the mob of demons.

You can build a bunch of structures and buildings. Regarding training, you have to guide your troops well. Indeed, it would be best if you try to upgrade their weapons by achieving victories.

  • In Brave conquest, you have to protect your kingdom from demons. To conclude, you can become a great landlord by seizing your neighbouring thrones.
  • Moreover, you can get trophies and coins by defeat the opponent king.
  • It’s also a multiplayer game, and you can play this game with your friend in multimode option.
  • After defeating your enemies, you can build your deck and increase the military to protect your kingdom eventually.

IOS and Android users can play this game easily. Correspondingly, both versionsare available on the internet.

8.     Dawn of titans

Dawn of titans

Dawn of titans has many immersive features which can kill the hearts of action-lovers.

The natural motion was developed in this game. It was released in back 2015. Consequently, the Dawn of titans is an excellent option to explore a career in games like clash of clans

  • It has stunning graphics, manageable controls & different characters which can take care of your kingdom.
  • Apart from this, the game seems to be more familiar with the clash of clans. Undoubtedly, It is an excellent action game which has different cartoonist dragons.

With these characters, you can combat with your opponents. Therefore, It will aid for survival in the mid of fight.

  • After the fight with opponents, when you achieve victory in the game, you earn trophies and coins to open your next level, upgrade your weapons as well.

This game is only created for IOS users. If you have an IOS gadget, then you can go with it. Dawn of titan has some worthy features as games like stick war legacy. This game has earned much fame in the action genre. Altogether, you can never ignore Dawn of titans easily.

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9.     Star wars commanders

Star wars commanders

Star Wars Commanders is a great game. It has full of twist & stunning features to the base-building genre. Disney Interactive has developed this premium strategy game and released it in Aug 2014. It should be noted that star Wars Commanders is a much better than games like clash of clans.

  • With this game in mind, the storyline is to combine an attack on the territory of demons.
  • You have to choose transformer-based characters and defeat your enemies. Absolutely, you can earn alloy and coins.
  • Correspondingly,it’s too similar to clash of clans. In this game, the player can upgrade the building and weapons by attacking winning defences.
  • Likewise, a win can be obtained by gaining at least three stars in it. This transformer base game has six planets. Correspondingly, each planet offers different rewards.

10.Castle clash

Castle clash-an exciting

Castle clashwas released in back 2013.50-million users had downloaded it because it touches straight to their hearts. I Got Games has developed this game.Castle clash has a fall in those games which draws comparison with games like clash of clans.

  • It is the most played game in the world.
  • However, you can build a village in it. You can defeat your enemies and upgrade your level.
  • Powerful heroes lead as a mythical army squad. Besides this, troops of the army can combat with neighbour demons to survive their area.
  • Clearly, you can build multiple structures to pass-out the hurdles of the game.
  • With this thought in mind, you can attain special powers with the exchange of coins which you would earn from different tasks.

If you liked the clash of clans game, then this game is a much better replacement.


Altogether, you have seen through it. These games are filled with full of fun and chaos. Fantastic stuff games like clash of clans are available here. It might be possible whether you have chosen it or not.

Choose your fantastic one from here. Without a doubt, fulfill your empty heart to play these action games. Perform your action with your best characters on an online platform.

Enjoy these games with full of zeal and zest!

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