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In the last few years, horror games for mobile are not mostly liked. But with time, this genre faces some rebirth and is now getting improvements. And this is good news for the lovers of fair and horror who like to watch the horror series. We are happy to announce a rundown of the best horror games for android. In these articles, we will let you know about the 10 best Android horror games in 2021.

In all mentioned games, you will find adventure, action, firearms, and scary passageways. You can freely install and update all these games. These games are also a way to think wisely as some games have the required tasks, mysteries, and operations to achieve. Some of them can also be played without any internet connection. You can see the list of these 10 best horror games for android here;

10 Best Horror Games For Android

Eyes- The Horror Game

Eyes- The Horror Game

‘Eyes’ is from the best horror games for android. It is the best game for those who like horror imaginary ideas. Eyes is a first-person game. It is a frightening and multiplayer, feary game. The games have good graphics and the best real sound environment. The users try to secure the superman from the ghosts and wicked feelings that try to trap him.

He entered a house at at night. The player’s mission is to search out the 20 money bags and escape from there. In this building, there will be no security or camera. You will find abruptly that there are ghosts who can attack the player and kill him. While searching out the money bags, the player has to go into every corner of the house.

But while he is busy in his search, he may notice that the buildings’ items are shaking, and there are mysterious voices behind him. At this time, he should run away from there; otherwise, he may be killed by the ghosts. Moreover, the player will also see the eye shape on the wall flowing blood from it.

Features Eyes

  • Users can freely install and update this game.
  • They will face the terrible appearances of ghosts, ogres, and devils.
  • The game has frightening surroundings, unexpected and barrier fright gameplay.
  • This gameplay has numerous unrevealed stages and tasks that the users have to pass to move on.
  • With the support of different spiritual eye uses, the users can know the evils of hidden revelation.
  • Moreover, the users can also use their preferred graphic practices and sound system.

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Evil Nun-From Best Horror Games For Android

Evil Nun-from best horror games for android

It is from one of the best free horror games for android. The evil noun is an educational type of terrifying feary game. It is all about the horror, suspense, and fear in the school. The theme of this game is terrible, but you can also easily understand it. The whole gameplay revolves around when the player protects superman from the nun. This nun can hear all your voices.

The player also has to save the prisoner kids. After completing your assigned mission, the player has to leave the school. When you play this game with a headphone, your gaming enjoyment will be at the peak. You can easily play this game on all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. The game version is available in multi-languages.

Features of Evil Nun

  • The users will enjoy its outstanding resolution and appealing visuals.
  • All the gameplay is full of frightening voices.
  • The users will see a targeted mission to complete to move forward.
  • He may also have to solve the puzzles to reach his task.
  • The users have to hide from the evils and fight to save others.
  • Finally, the evil nun has user-friendly gameplay.
  • Even naïve users can also enjoy their easily playing techniques.

Horror Hospital 2

Horror Hospital 2

Horror hospital 2 is one of the top landing horror games for android. This game is the 2nd edition of the horror hospital game. This edition became the most trending and liked gameplay in the gaming industry. The gameplay revolves around when the player tries to save himself from death and several supernatural moods in a ghostly hospice.

Moreover, the player also has to save a young girl who is also near death. When the game starts, the player is present in a hospital hall. In this game, it’s hard to imagine who is good and who has evil thoughts. You will also find blood spots at each step. The young girl also caught herself in this fearful situation, and it affects her mental state. It is the mission of the player to rescue this young girl. Moreover, this game is also free to install, update, and play.

Features of Horror Hospital 2

  • This game has two gameplay stories.
  • The music and sound results are the most inspiring things in this game as they reach their peak stories. 
  • You will find real and good graphics and liveliness.
  • The gameplay is adventures, and the player has to explore the world.
  • You will also face different unrevealed tasks.
  • You can play this game online.

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Slendrina: The Cellar

Slendrina: The Cellar

Slendrina: The Cellar is from scary android games. It is also full of horror. This game has a little different theme, but it is easy to understand. Here, Slendrina is presented as a sinful essence who punishes all entries in her area. But the player has to enter there to achieve his task.

He has to reveal Slendrina and her evil deeds. One of the central missions of the player is to find out the eight missing medical books. While searching for them, you will face the ghosts. He can shoot them to proceed. After finding eight books, he will have to run away to the existing door.

Features of Slendrina: The Cellar

  • The player has to search out the lost books in the area of Slendrina.
  • To open the locked door, he also has to find the keys.
  • The horror reaches its peak with the terrifying sounds.
  • The players can also use different unrevealing choices.
  • You will see this game with a disaster and dusky surroundings.

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If you are in search of free horror games for android, see ”Granny”. This gameplay has horrific sound results and a combination of stories that make cold creeps on you. The gaming theme is fascinating and simple to play. The player has to play it without showing himself.

In this way, you have to hide from the Granny. The gameplay revolved around the player when he was stuck in an old building. He has to find out the items that can help himself to escape from this house.

Features of Granny

  • The music has terrible, frightening sounds.
  • You will be happy to see its visualization and graphics.
  • There are also different unrevealing stages and choices.
  • The gameplay has disaster-prone surroundings.
  • Finally, Granny is the scariest game to download.

Zombie Hunter: One of The Android Horror Game

Zombie Hunter: One of The Android Horror Game

It is the final choice for those who want to kill someone to achieve their mission. It is also full of horror and fear. In its gameplay, the player has to shoot the zombie gangs to protect the world from their evil deeds. Zombie Hunter (Catastrophe Endurance Game) the addictive game has an effecting music system and environment. It also has an easily understandable theme to play.

Features of Zombie Hunter

  • The game has trouble and ghastly surroundings and frightening music.
  • The player has to achieve his tasks to move forward.  
  • The gaming function will offer twelve changed types of guns. Moreover, the player can also update them.
  • The theme revolves around exploring a larger part of the world.
  • You will also find this game with great visuals and illustrations results.

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True Fear: Forsaken Soul I 

True Fear: Forsaken Soul I 

Here we will welcome another one of the horror games online named True Fear: Forsaken Soul I that is free to install and play. The game is simple to understand as well as dreadful. In its gameplay, the player has to save his sister. He also has to expose the deadly secret of his mother. Simultaneously, the player also has to protect himself from the gloom and result of a wicked state of mind.

Features of True Fear: Forsaken Soul I

  • Here, the player has to solve the twenty puzzles to proceed.
  • There is a frightening environment having horrible music sounds.
  • The player has to save himself from numerous dim places and awful things.
  • The gameplay story throws you to meet the fifteen different characters and know their difficulties.
  • There are more than forty missions to complete.
  • To open the locked items, the game will offer different vital points.

House of Slendarina

House of Slendarina

House of Slendarina is also one of the best horror games for android. This free horror game for android in an amazing integration of graphics and horror music results. The game resolve around the player to search out the Slendarina. The player also has to reveal different frightening events. The game has compulsory and straightforward to understand missions.

 Features of House of Slendarina

  • To open and reveal the locked items, the player has to solve different puzzles.
  • You will find this game with superb illustrations and visuals.
  • It has horrifying and frightening music results.
  • To open the doors, you will find different choices from the gameplay.
  • The gameplay is simple to start, but a bit complicated as you will cross some missions.
  • You will also get complicated techniques at some stages.

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Slendarina: The Forest 

Slendarina: The Forest 

This game is the 2nd edition of the Slendarina. Here the gameplay is of a ghostly forest. This forest has several wicked morale and ghosts of the Slendarina to haunt the player. If you are thinking of becoming an expert on Slendarina: The Forest, you have to play it regularly for some time. The frightening and terrific surroundings make this gameplay more dreadful.

Features of Slendarina: The Forest

  • Its horror sounds give real terrific surroundings.
  • The gameplay has natural-looking illustrations and resolutions.
  • There, you will see different tasks to achieve for the next move.
  • To open the locked doors, there are options and choices to search out the keys.
  • It also has different puzzles to solve to reach on the next mission.
  • The game is simple to understand for naïve users.

Sinister Edge: 3D Scary Games for Android

Sinister Edge: 3D Scary Games for Android

Sinister edge is a survival game. In its gameplay, the player tries to find out his family from the disastrous and frightening region. This region is full of wicked morale and ghosts. The game has technical features but is simple to perceive. You will also be inspired to see the real looking dark and terrific surroundings.

Features of Sinister Edge

  • The gameplay has fascinating 3D visuals and illustrations.
  • The player will also be surprised to see the outstanding video quality.
  • You can play this game online.
  • It has horrific music and threatens real full surroundings throughout the game.
  • To open the locked door, the users have to solve the puzzles and understand the different built-in choices.
  • If you are its naive users, don’t worry; it also has a free demo video with all the functions’ details.


Nowadays, horror and suspense games are becoming more trending. If you are one of the lovers of horror games, you can see the above best horror games for android. All the mentioned games are free to install and have automatic updates. Some of them can also be played without any internet connection.

You will find all the mentioned games with amazing graphics and real looking dreadful surroundings. If you did not have a good experience with one game, you could try another. Moreover, if you are a shooter lover, you can enjoy the zombie. If you like mysteries and demons, you can enjoy the sinister edge. All other games also have distinctive characteristics.

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