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5 Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO in 2021 (Compared)

To increase traffic in your content marketing area, it is crucial to find the best keywords. In recent times SEO tools, are handy for keyword research. Search engine optimization tools (SEO) helps in attracting organic traffic from google.

As there are many free SEO tools to rank your blog post among your competitors. Some of them support the free version for search traffic, yet they have some restrictions on it. Among the top 10 keyword research tools, we have found the top 5 keyword tools by deep research.

Each of the SEO tool has high ranked in google, and are considered best among the local search.



SEMrush is one of the best research tools in Google. It does the best keyword research to rank your post or blog on different sites. When you search terms in the browser SEMrush, provide the whole keyword search information and provide extended keyword suggestions. It also triggers the monthly search volume (click-through rate) of a keyword, increasing or decreasing the trends.

Also, this tool shows the related keywords according to the topic through the organic search. SEMrush uses that keyword idea in google ads. These ads are related to pay-per-click ads. You can also see your competitor’s website by doing a domain overview.

That’s one of the main reasons that marketers worldwide consider this tool as the top dawg. Use this tool to rank your content at different social media marketing sites.



Yes, you heard me right. Don’t get suspicious by the name of it. This keyword research tool works differently from the other ones. They display each keyword in a lovely manner. Moreover, you can download the list of keywords that you searched in the panel. This helps a lot in operating offline, as the internet is not available sometimes.

If you are a newbie in the SEO world, this tool is a must to go with. For starters, it has a less difficulty level as consider to the other ranking competition. Also, you don’t need to buy much for this keyword tool. Just type the keywords in the google search and see what comes in the keyword suggestions. For bloggers, AnswerThePublic is the best keyword tool. However, if you do keyword research daily, it is good to consider buying their premium plan.



Ubersuggest also falls on the top ranking among other free tools. This tool by Neil Patel offers many services like search volume data and keyword suggestions. This feature has a particular purpose. It gives an idea of the keyword difficulty by giving a difficulty score. This means how much your keyword face problem or difficulty to rank in the google.

You can also see the keywords related to other surfs. As well as seeing the other number of backlinks and domain score. It gives an additional overview related to the monthly searches of keywords, with the exact number of shares on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.



Among other best keyword research tools competitors like semrush, Ahrefs is one of the high keyword tools. When you search in the Ahrefs panel, it thoroughly elaborates the keyword. It gives suggestions according to google trends. At the same time, you are keeping an eye on their popularity ratio. You can also keep an eye on your competition ideas. Ahrefs allows you to see the keyword data they are using. 

You can make similar keywords pattern by seeing your competitor’s content. By taking ideas from those rank tracking keywords, you will be able to use keywords in a much better way. As Ahrefs has advanced intelligence functionality, you will see new keywords in search queries as the data will keep updated with the changes in the google keyword planner. It is one of the best tools to consider while dealing with heavy traffic.

Long Tail Pro:

Long Tail Pro

For ranking your keywords in google, long tail pro is highly in use. Like other tools, it gives the entire data specifically for that keyword. This tool makes the job easier in finding long-tail keywords as these keywords are sometimes tricky to track. However, a long-tail pro makes the job easier for bloggers and copywriters.

 Using them is easy, as to properly analyze the software search keyword in the bar first. It will breakdown the keyword in a proper manner. At the same time, it is showing the flow of the keyword. It also indicates the keyword difficulty. For example, consider the keyword “Nike”. It will show how to use keywords when you click on them appropriately. To get dealt with the long-tail keywords, we especially prefer you to use this paid planner.

Beginners also use them as they give the full scope of the research.


How effective are the free keyword research tools?

 Briefly, if we say they are considered good. Yet, the purpose of usage varies a lot. For example, sometimes keywords are required in detail. To get these keywords, you need to get the paid plan. These packages provide the paid keyword as they perform better on google sites.

For bloggers and to publish mini-articles, they perform excellently in their job.

Among keyword tools, how good is the google keyword planner?

 Along with other tools, google also has some of these keyword searches. If you are involved in AdWords’ campaign, then let me assure you this keyword utensil is the best to go with. We highly commenced you to use these types of tools, especially this one.


We have almost told you about the significant use of these tools. However, before finishing this topic, let me give you few tips that will help you shortly.

Some tools require some assistance to connect with your device. Sometimes they use cookies and other extensions. Once you pay for the tools, add a chrome extension for a better workflow and improve your working performance.

Before swiping your credit card on the tools site, consider the requirements you are looking for in the best keyword research tools.

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